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San Francisco, CA

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    Ai for chronic care management

    Design Objective

    Brand strategy, design, and positioning for Sensely, a venture-backed artificially intelligent nurse for chronic care management.

    Research Participants

    •Chronically ill patients, primarily 65+, low tech proficiency



    Key brand strategy and design that helped facilitate round B funding of $8M and partnerships with Kaiser Permanante, Novartis, USCF, and NHS. Award-winning pitch for American Heart Association.

    Meet Molly, Your Virtual Nurse

    Meet Molly, Sensely’s virtual nurse designed to monitor the treatment of chronically ill patients, with primary verticals including congestive heart failure and COPD patients. Our B2B2C narrative was targeted toward both hospitals and patients. On the hospital side, we needed to communicate the financial impact of labor intensive, repetitive tasks that the product was able to offload, while never threatening to replace nurses. Equally, we needed to design a patient facing narrative, ensuring our product never lost the human touch of a clinician’s bedside manner.

    Brand Positioning

    Keeping healthcare human.

    Sensely’s core differentiator was the character design, using voice recognition and artificial intelligence to give patients the feel of speaking to a real person, not an automated machine.

    We kept this core identity at the heart of our product and brand design, staying clear, friendly, and never sacrificing the knowledgable tone of a trusted clinician. This extended to pitch decks, web materials, and throughout the product experience.

    Prototyping & Demo Experiences

    Designing seamless and memorable first-time experiences.

    We designed demos, prototypes, and live online first time experiences to give clinicians and partners a first hand look into the patient experience. Pitches, product concepts, and feature designs were picked up by massive partnerships including Kaiser Permanente, NHS, and UCSF, and even won an award from The American Heart Association.

    Brand & Visual Design

    A design system built to scale.

    As a part of an early-stage team, we needed to build a brand that would scale as the company did. In addition to design and research, our work together included design systems, values work, booth designs, brochures, and content that were highly defined but wide reaching. Built to last and scale, and built first and foremost for the people using them.

    Brand Design

    Concise & Approachable Voice

    The Sensely Voice closely matched the flagship character design: Molly.

    Readable Font

    Working with older patient demographics meant maintaining legible font families.

    MedTech-Friendly Color Palette

    Conservative blues and a pop of green for the association with quality medical care meets Silicon Valley innovation.