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San Francisco, CA

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    Philanthropy Fellowship Schmidt Futures

    2021 - 2023 | San Francisco | Product Designer, Brand Strategist


    Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt & partner Wendy Schmidt’s philanthropy aims to solve the hardest problems in science and society. Act 2 was an internal initiative to Schmidt Futures designed to inspire established leaders to focus on high-impact work in meaningful cause areas.

    Design Objective

    Job placement, networks and building, and distribution of funds in new cause areas.

    What We Designed

    Fellowship Program, Internal Matchmaking Tool, Web & Digital Presence, Marketing Materials.


    With less than $1M, distributed $10M in external funding to cause areas in AI Policy, Climate tech, philanthropy and more.


    Originally Schmidt Future aimed to build a job board for high-impact roles across public and private sectors. After interviewing dozens of prestigious individuals, we identified one common trend — high impact roles were acquired through networks, not job board applications. With this insight, we built the Field Strategist Fellowship. Designated fellows hosted industry events, fostered introductions within their domain, wrote keystone reports, and funneled resources into their cause areas.

    Web Design & Positioning

    Building high-impact networks in emergent cause areas.

    Act 2’s fellowship program aimed at bringing together talent, organizations, and funders across high-impact cause areas. The design focused on communicating the tangible results of Act 2’s efforts: How much funding were we helping distribute? How many events did our Fellows host? How many jobs did we contribute to placing?

    In addition to these metrics, the brand was crafted to inspire people on the far-reaching impact of their careers. We achieved this by integrating imagery showcasing iconic partnerships across history, emphasizing the power of people working together to move the world forward.

    Act 2’s branding also needed to align with Schmidt Futures parent branding, for a cohesive narrative and identity.

    Impact Journal

    Sharing key insights across cause areas.

    As an integral component of the Act 2 Field Strategist program, fellows craft comprehensive reports encompassing key players, funding initiatives, and opportunities in their respective cause areas.

    The Impact Journal also sought to highlight credibility while directing interested candidates directly to the fellowship pipeline.

    Application Design

    Application pipeline for fellows, investors, and organizations.

    Act 2 was more than a fellowship program, it was a funnel for data analysis of emerging cause areas. We built a comprehensive application that gave leadership at Act 2 and Schmidt Futures insight into emerging cause areas. Extensive design was given to the form field selections.

    Field Strategist Introduction Tool

    Tracking introductions and outcomes of Act 2 Field Strategists

    The talent, organizations, and funders identified by Act 2 Field Strategists were part of a larger initiative to understand what makes for a high-impact introduction. Further, we needed to help Field Strategists monitor, track, and leverage the introductions they made. With these two objectives in mind, we built a custom relationship management tool to more seamlessly allow monitor Field Strategist outcomes.


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