Designer & Brand Strategist
San Francisco, CA

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    Lauren Bayley McDaniel is a product designer based out of San Francisco, CA.


    Building products and crafting vision.

    Since 2014, I’ve built brand-driven service and digital products across medical technology, luxury fashion, environmental tech, impact investing, and education-based technologies. My work has helped land $22M in funding and partnerships with companies including Kaiser Permanante, Boston Scientific, school districts across the US, NHS, Nordstrom, and Anthropologie. 


    I’m a technological optimist, and believe that iterative, elegant, human-driven design is required to solve the world’s most complex challenges. Not through over-simplification, but by embracing the inherent complexity in systems and technology design. In order to do so, we must cross-breed industry knowledge, build external and internal feedback loops to keep us from building in silos, and always revisit what our research is telling us and where our vision is leading us.

    Product & Vision Concepting

    I love the initial spark of an idea, and the ability for a good idea to spread like wildfire. But the true gift of product and visioning concept comes from allowing the flame to be a controlled fire, molding and morphing the direction based not only on creative vision and possibility, but on listening and mapping in accordance to the changing world around you. Talk to users, internal and external, listen, empathically, be adaptable and committed to clarity.

    I help both early stage companies and already existing companies define product roadmaps and align creative teams under a shared and unified vision.

    Visualizing Product Properties

    Building Scalable Design Ecosystems

    Often times in my work, a product is already in existence. But the shape of that product, whether that is the way it is spoken about, the core functionality, the brand assets, are still malleable. Applying UX methodologies to visual and brand design, I set that form, and make design decisions able to withstand scaling.

    I lead design teams to visual, design engineered, and emotional consistency. This includes technology builds of fully functioning design system manuals, saving teams immeasurable hundreds of thousands in design engineering time.

    Brand Design

    Interface & Product Design

    I began my career in product design and development, and have helped craft both physical and digital products and services. I love bringing home prototypes, whether from a manufacturer or built with my own hands.

    Powerful product design, and, by extension, interface design, always considers the narrative, listens empathically to users, both internal and external (founder vision is one of the most inspiring user types), and considers design elements both explicit and implicit — color, motion, language, texture (haptics in technology design, hand in physical product design).

    • Data Visualization
    • Design Processes
    • Interaction Design
    • Design Educator
    • Brand Strategy
    • Product Roadmaps