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San Francisco, CA

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    Empowering MedTech

    2020 | San Francisco | Product Designer, Brand Strategist, Visual Designer

    Design Objective

    Bring the product offerings of a global medical device consultancy online

    Who We Helped

    Engineers in MedTech, DSA Internal Sales & Leadership


    Updated brand experience and lead generation 

    Research Types

    User interviews, usability tests, competitive analysis


    David Schnur Associates is a global medical materials representative and consultancy with 40 years of facilitating the design and development of medical devices. The product lines they represent range widely, from cutting edge, state-of-the-art materials to standard components needed across medical devices. With so many products, we needed to centralize the message, identify the core reasons an R&D engineer or supply chain manager would go to DSA instead of direct to supplier, and create a tool the global sales team could align around seamlessly.

    Product Organization

    Of DSA’s thousands of medical products, which are ready-to-ship, and how can we organize them according to what customers need most?

    David Schnur Associates represents 16 companies across 8 countries, and their specific product offerings range in the thousands. We needed to distill all this information into the quickest to understand categorization for both sales reps and customers alike.

    Telling a Technical Story

    What details do customers need to select the correct product for their medical design?

    We interviewed dozens of R&D engineers to identify the most important information they need when selecting a sample to test. Within each product type, we identified common applications, a specs overview (determined per product), and details that separate the manufacturer from the competition. We then visualized it, as seen, to match the overall brand aesthetic of the company.

    Turning Leads into Customers

    What information does sales need to place the correct sample request with the manufacturer and properly process the customer as a lead?

    Sometimes a range of samples can be sent for a single product type depending on the sizing requirements of the product that is being built. We needed an intake form that would give sales reps the information they need to organize the lead and also select a range of product types that could potentially work for the engineer. We also needed to work closely with engineering and onboarding of the internal team to ensure the information was properly logged in the company’s CRM.

    The Brand Elements

    Brand design

    How can we design a visual interface that meets medical conservatism and Silicon Valley innovation?

    Medical device manufacturing is an industry housed at the nexus of cutting edge innovation and a largely conservative market. Our visual design decisions aimed to meld these two, with DIN, a font face originally used in manufacturing, and a vibrant purple, adding contrast to an industry dominated by a traditional blue. We also needed to align markets, finding a standardization across disparate product lines, and fundamentally communicate innovation and trust.

    Font Family

    DIN, a 1992 adaptation of the German grotesque font DIN-Engschrift, has a history in German manufacturing. We chose it for it’s legacy, history, modern reinterpretation, and easy readability.

    Color Palette

    The medical industry is classically a blue industry. We sought alignment alongside differentiation, opting for a vibrant, royal purple, offset by smoky and gradient sister purples, clean whites, grays, and deep charcoal.

    Standardizing Partner Imagery

    DSA represents 16 different product lines, each with their own product photography of various quality. We needed to standardize photography and renders from across product lines for them to cohesively come together under a single parent brand.


    We needed iconography that would communicate the core product offerings of DSA’s 16 product lines. After research and design meetings, we were able to categorize into four core areas: metals & fabrications, design & development, manufacturing & assembly, and polymers & components.